Through Dogs' Eyes:

Canine Behavior Modification & Obedience

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Behavior Modification:

Jumping, digging, chewing, barking, aggression, separation anxiety, etc...


Focus, sit, stay, down, recall, loose leash walking,  etc...


Training Techniques

     With passion, care, and positive training techniques I'm here to provide you with training solutions designed specifically for you, your family, and your dog's needs. 

     With my training techniques, we will be able to begin the training program suited for your family and four-legged child while I help educate you on how to finally decipher what your dog has been trying to communicate to you. By understanding their body language you will be able to read their emotions and see their limits, thus helping you understand your dog's needs, guiding YOU to becoming the leader that your canine family member requires.

     Please feel free to contact me so I can assist you in starting your journey into understanding your canine friend and learning how to use that knowledge to ensure the success in your companion's training needs.

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