Happy Tails!!


What kind of doggy Mom would I be without bragging about my own canine children!

Patty, who I previously discussed on my Bio page, is my husband and I's Pitbull/Labrador mix rescue who needed some Leadership, Obedience, and Behavior Modification. She was not socialized and was scared of her own shadow. Today after hard work and patience she is a very happy pooch who is still a little nervous around strangers but warms up to people much quicker than she used to.

Kalli, well she's my Jack Russell/Australian Cattle Dog mix who we've had since she was about 8 weeks old. She is a ball of energy mixed with some OCD and topped off with a slight case of deafness. Kalli, luckily for me, is super intelligent and is easy to train even with not being able to hear. I think I had a harder time adjusting to training her than she did learning. She learned the Obedience hand signals without verbal commands with no problem and has done great with Obedience throughout the years. Recall was a challenge at first but with a lot of patience and hard work from both sides, she learned to look back after every 5 feet or so to make sure I was still there with her. We've had our Behavior Modification struggles but overall, with her handicap, we've manged just fine. 

Don't get me wrong, this Happy Tail still comes with the daily struggles of behavior problems and finding time to keep up with their obedience, but all Happy Tails come with the same daily struggles and ongoing hard work...but trust me, it is very much worth it.

This is Harley, a Beagle/Dachshund mix. He's a retired Bed Bug Scent Detection Canine who was rescued from a shelter and trained to search for bed bugs at approximately 1-2 years old. Retired at about 5-6 years old, Harley only knew how to find bed bugs. As a scent detection canine he was not allowed to learn any Basic Obedience or learn what was appropriate chewing, or any other basic pet canine knowledge; Harley knew only how to search for bed bugs and "do his business" on command. Any training other than his scent detection training was not allowed so that he would stay passionate and focused on his work.

Once retired, Harley started his Basic Obedience training and is doing great! He can sit, down, rollover, and still find those bugs! We are currently working on stay, recall, and loose leash walking.

Harley's Tail is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

This handsome boy is Fenway. He was our 14 month old Boxer Mix foster. This was taken on Fenway's farewell walk with me before going to his furever home! Another "Happy Tail"! This "adoption failure" was shipped up from a foster in South Carolina to his first adopters who  returned him to the rescue because he wasn't right for their family. He then went to another foster who didn't have the time to work with him. My husband and I took him in, worked on his house manners with obedience training, worked on his mouthing and rough play, his jumping behavior, and his crate training, and within 3 weeks he had turned himself around enough to win the hearts of a lovely couple with lots of hiking, snuggling, and doggy play-date plans for him! Another Happy Tail proving that training can do wonders!

"Great working with you. Thanks for getting Saxen past his anxiety!"-Ken P.

Danville, NH


Meet Saxen, a Tamaskan Husky who needed a little assistance learning how to cope with his fear and anxiety around strange dogs after being attacked. With hard work, patience, lots of positive reinforcement, and an owner willing to learn and try anything to help his companion feel more comfortable around other dogs, Saxen was able to come a long way in our 6 week program.

Saxen was able to go from being extremely reactive and anxious at the sight of my dog 50 plus feet away (who was a stranger to him) to being able to walk on trail, on leash, 3 feet from my dog who was also on leash. We weren't able to get him comfortable enough to want to play and officially greet but even just being able to get him comfortably that close to my dog was incredible. The time and patience his owner was putting into him was paying off. Sometimes even just being able to teach your dog how to be comfortable in stressful situations to prevent the possibility of a negative reaction is what  I consider a Happy Tail. 

 "I would recommend Nicole to train any dog; she is awesome."  -Tompson Family

Rochester, NH


This is Sam. Sam's a German Shepherd puppy that was new to his family and his canine housemates including Xena, the Husky that was feared to be canine aggressive.

At 12 weeks old Sam signed up for my in home Basic Obedience. Sam was a highly intelligent, focused pup who was full of energy and an excellent student. With the help of his owners he passed Basic Obedience with flying colors. We also worked on Behavior Modification lessons for Inappropriate Chewing and Inappropriate Urination as well as Canine Socialization with his housemate Xena, all of which Sam and his owners did very well.


This is Xena. She is a Husky who's owners feared she was dog aggressive because she had "snapped" at a few dogs. They had just gotten a new German Shepherd puppy and feared she might hurt him as well. They wanted to do anything they could to prevent giving up on their fur-baby Xena, so they called me in to assess their situation.

Needless to say, after slowly working with Xena and Sam together, Xena was found not to be dog aggressive but she lacked in obedience, needed leadership, exercise, and a little help learning how to socialize with other dogs. Xena and her owners graduated with flying colors! With hope, patience, and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. Don't give up on your four-legged family members; this story is proof there's always hope. 

Here's a Happy Tail....Xena and Sam playing together along side their other housemate and another playmate. Hard work goes a long way when it comes to training.


"Simba made so much progress! Very satisfied, would 100% recommend Nicole's training."-Brooke A.

Derry, NH


Say hello to handsome Simba, the super cute Chow Chow! He has officially graduated from Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification of Inappropriate Chewing with the help of his newly educated "parents"!

"Nicole has been delightful to work with. She is very reliable. She taught us so much and as a result our dog has greatly improved!" -Rick S.

Chester, NH


This lovely princess is Ally. Ally was signed up for my Behavior Modification sessions at 2 years old as a last hope. As a southern Labrador Retriever mix rescue who had been in her new home here in NH for a few months, had already graduated from Group Obedience but was displaying inappropriate behaviors at home with her adopters and was pushing them to the verge of returning her to the rescue.

Ally was a very excited pooch who treated her new "parents" as if they were her doggy playmates; her rough nipping, mouthing, jumping, and destructive behaviors confused her adopters into thinking she was possibly on the verge of being aggressive. After evaluation I clearly knew Ally was just extremely high energy, playful, and needed to be shown how to act appropriately with humans. After a couple sessions Ally showed improvement and was responding very well to training but like most dogs, she relapsed and went back to her old ways a few weeks into training and she came very close to losing her chance with the amazing couple that took her in.

As much as Ally's adopters loved her, she was definitely pushing her limits with them. Luckily, she was adopted by a VERY patient and caring couple who was willing to put in the time, patience, and effort to finish with her training sessions. Her adopters followed their homework and all of my recommendations and I am extremely happy to announce Ally was never returned to the rescueand lives happily ever after in her furever home!

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