Does your new addition to the family need some Basic Obedience training?  Would you like to "teach an old dog new tricks"?  Is your new rescue timid or frightened; are you afraid he's starting to show signs of aggression? What about those undesirable behaviors like digging, jumping, nipping or mouthing? Would you like to finally get to the bottom of those problematic behaviors? Well you've come to the right place!


      I offer private Behavior Modification and Obedience sessions out of the comfort of your own home. Most problematic behaviors start right in our backyards. The best place to begin the treatment plan for those behaviors is where they started.  Group obedience is a great way to work on obedience with your puppy as well as allowing them to work on their socialization skills but sometimes after those classes, obedience seems to get lost in our busy schedules. By starting any training program in the privacy of your own home, training becomes a part of your daily routine from the beginning rather than it becoming an additional chore to work in to your schedule after trainining classes.

     The responsibility of our four-legged family members, our furry friends, is ours.  We need to do all that we can to keep both ourselves, as well as our dogs, as happy as can be. The best time to start is now. The best place to start is here. 

      When we brought that puppy home, when we signed those adoption papers, when we grabbed a hold of that leash for the first time, we took on the responsibility of our dog's health and happiness. Training is the number one forgotten aspect of caring for our canine friends. Don't let your dog's mental health and happiness get forgotten. Training is a lifetime necessity to ensure the health of the relationship between you and your dog. Why put it off any longer? Schedule your consultation today!


Consultation: $70 

*A travel charge of $.50 per mile to and from your home may be added for any traveling over 15 miles from Sandown, NH.*  

     The first step of my training program is a 1 hour consultation in the comfort of your home where I can meet you and your dog and go over more in depth what your training goals are and how I can help you work on reaching those goals. During this consultation I will also do an assessment of you and your dog's knowledge of obedience cues as well as an assessment of your dog's temperament and inappropriate behaviors, as needed, to help determine which program will better fit you, your family, and your dog's needs.  


 Training Programs Offered  

*Basic Obedience: On leash obedience cues as well as basic "house manners" such House Training, Crate Training, Puppy Jumping, Puppy Chewing, & Puppy Mouthing. (Six 1 hour sessions, 1 session per week)

*Advanced Obedience (must be proficient on leash): Off leash obedience cues as well as basic "house manners" such as House Training, Crate Training, Puppy Jumping, Puppy Chewing, & Puppy Mouthing. (Six 1 hour sessions, 1 session per week)

*Behavior Modification: Modification of advanced problematic behaviors such as Inappropriate Barking, Destructive Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding, Proper Socialization, etc as well as any Basic Obedience training recommended after consultation. (Four or six 1 hour sessions, 1 session per week. Number of sessions depends of severity of behavior as well as the skill level of Basic Obedience.)

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