Personal Facts About the Trainer

Compassion: the feeling of empathy for others; the emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

     Compassion is the emotion that drives me.....

    When I was younger, I put others before myself.  As I grew wiser through the years, I learned there was a balance where I could care for myself as well as others.  Today, I care for not only myself and the people around me but I’ve also taken on the most enlightening responsibility; helping others care for our less fortunate canine companions who are greatly misunderstood.  

     I grew up sharing a household with a variety of living creatures ranging from fish to iguanas, hamsters to rabbits, and birds to dogs, but my greatest revelation came when I rescued my first shelter dog Patty. She was a pit bull/lab mixed breed rescued from Georgia; what her life consisted of previously is still a mystery. Her and her siblings were transported to NH together to be put up for adoption.  I fostered her brother before I took her in. Once he found a permanent home, Patty was the last of her litter to be left without a family.  With the new emptiness in our home, Patty became our new foster who ultimately never left.  She fit into our family like the final piece to a puzzle.

     Patty was a great puppy even with the mysterious six months prior that were now part of her past; I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  Full of fear and shyness, jumping and hiding at every new sound, tail tucked with every new face, she was a lost soul with such a warm heart hidden by that fear.  With some obedience and a little help on our relationship with each other, as well as some work on helping her overcome her fears, she has come a very long way to become the happy dog she is today.  She’s a new dog, a happy girl, who loves to run and play while meeting other dogs and their human companions. I wouldn’t have ever imagined any dog could have such a turnaround of behavior.

     Patty enlightened me on what canines are capable of with a little time, patience, love, & training. With that newly aquired knowledge I decided to learn more about their minds, their behavior, and how to understand and work with them thus pursuing becoming a dog trainer.  With the proper education, I am now able to help build the relationships between man and canine which allows me to provide customized training solutions for a multitude of situations. I am able to help others understand the canine mind and body language and teach them how to understand and communicate with their dog so they too can help their four-legged companion gain self confidence and structure through obedience training and overcome unwanted behaviors to create a more relaxed and enjoyable home for everyone. 

    Dog training is not a career for me; it’s a way of life and a gift I would never choose to turn away from.

     For more information on starting your journey on strengthening your relationship with your four-legged companion, please feel free to contact me.


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